Dear Scientists

The second International Graduate Studies Symposium on Maritime Science and Technology will be organized by Dokuz Eylül University, The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, between 14-15 December 2023 as an online symposium. The second International Graduate Studies Symposium aims to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge in a scientific framework by bringing together scientists, academic staff, instructors, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives, and graduate students. It will provide a multidisciplinary meeting opportunity for the presentation and discussion of scientific and postgraduate studies in the fields of Maritime Science. Submitted studies will be peer-reviewed and those deemed appropriate for publication will be published as pdf in the ISBN book.


Şermin Açık Çınar, Prof. Dr. 

Durmuş Ali Deveci, Prof. Dr.

Gökdeniz Neşer, Prof. Dr.

Okan Tuna, Prof. Dr.

Mustafa Nuran, Asst. Prof. Dr.

Olgun Konur, Asst. Prof. Dr.